Headless eCommerce for modern developers - My first SaaS

Headless eCommerce for modern developers - My first SaaS

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I am excited and nervous, I am in the process of building my first ever SaaS product. At first, I was sure I could do it quite easily maybe 3 months of hard dev and I will have a solid product. Boy was I wrong after some research and weeks of planning it dawned on me how much work I need to get done. It's crazy.

There are so many factors that come in to play and business decisions to consider outside of your actual product, it's easy to overlook them.

I will also be documenting how I built my first product, so fail or success I will most probably release a post or eBook about my experience if any of you are interested in such an eBook make sure to subscribe below.

So what's the product?

I am creating a headless eCommerce solution for modern developers to help them build scalable applications on multiple platforms. Essentially if your service or product can connect to an API you could use my service to enable eCommerce functionality.

For more information... uncarte.com

I made a soft announcement on product hunt!

I decided before I do some serious dev I need to get the word out, maybe as a feeler or pre-promotion. So I decided to launch my first product on product hunt! You can view the page here: Product Hunt

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