3 proposal creators for freelance web developers.

3 proposal creators for freelance web developers.

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Winning business is part of the freelance journey, and most of the time potential clients would need a proposal with a breakdown of your services, costs and timeline. If you ever had to create a proposal for the first time you would know it goes something like this:

"I need to create a proposal", "Maybe I can find a template", "hmm, most of these don't really do it for me", "what do I even need on my proposal?", "Is 20 pages too long, or too short?"

The uncertainty comes because most freelancers have never before needed to even know what a proposal is until you need one, the anxiety and frustration can kick in and completely make you feel overwhelmed.

Luckily there are some great tools out there to help with this, today we will be looking at 3 proposal creators for freelance web designer and developers.

1. PandaDoc

The first one is PandaDoc they have a massive library of templates for all kinds of niches, Some features of PandaDoc are: eSignatures, Custom workflow's, even an API.

PandaDoc is the one tool for all company documents solution, and if you have a large team this really seems like a good fit.


PandaDoc has a free tier along with premium tiers for Enterprises.

2. Bonsai

Bonsai has a free web design proposal template with estimates, read receipt notifications & e-approval available for download, Bonsai positions itself as Everything you need to run your freelance business. It has a lot of tools besides just creating templates and is worth checking out.


Bonsai has no free tier, although you do get some free features without paying, Their pricing starts at $19 per month, paid annually.

3. BidHeap

This one will be a bit biased since this is my own product I bootstrapped and launched today actually, so here goes. BidHeap is a freelance tool that will help creators with the business part of their freelance career by providing an ecosystem of apps. So for our very first app launch, we created a proposal creator. It is completely free at the moment and premium features will become available soon. You can create and download proposals in pdf completely free.

If you want to try it out head over to https://app.bidheap.com to get started.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you found something valuable in this article. Cheers.

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